A smile

The purpose of this section is in respect of curiosity and in some cases for fun, to share with you my analysis and comments on the smile of known or less known personality.

Color :
Clear and harmonious, there are nevertheless some subtle nuances between lateral incisors and canines giving a natural looking smile

Alignment :
Center between central incisors are perfectly centered in the middle of the face
The verticality of the incisive sector give a impression of dynamism

The symmetry :
Strong symmetry axis between lateral incisors and left and right canines

The size and shape :
Central rectangular incisors, gives a lot of personnality to smile
Canines are relatively acute and the left one is a little monger present
Teeth are high and present
Lateral incisors are slighty shorter than centrals incisors, which giving a very natural smile

The line of superior smile :
It follows perfectly the collarf the incisors and canines

The line of inferior smile :
It is harmonious to the line of upper free edges, particularly in subsequent sector

Posterior dark corridor :

Light dark posterior triangle at the upper molars