Dentures on implants are more comfortable and discreet than dentures, they also preserve the jawbone and keep healthy the existing teeth. Another drawback, the bone around the missing tooth will subside gradually. In the case of resin bridge, it is rearely placed life, unlike dental implant. Finally, compared to a removable device, there is a better comfort, better functionality, even for the removable denture, stability and normal chewing and a feeling of belonging.

Preservation of the adjacent teeth

The installation of a conventional bridge, in particular, requires trimming the adjacent teeth to serve as support, the implant avoids sacrifice two additional teeth

Preservation of bone

Chewing stimulating the jawbone, if one or more teeth are missing, the bone is not regenerated and is progressively eliminated, and can become very low. This is particularly the case when the removable denture port which accelerates the resorption by irritation related to the support on mucous membranes. In this situation, we must sometimes do advance of a bone graft.


The success rate of the procedure is greater thant 98% after 15 years. If healing failure, insertion of another implant will be a few months later with the same rate of success. Sometimes the implant has healed poorly can be replaced in the same operation with a new diamter and / or different length

Comfort and aesthetic

Dental implants are completely painless, otherwise the dentist should be consulted promptly. These dental implants occupy a place comparable to natural dentition and have the same appearance.


Consecutive difficulty chewing tooth loss lead to digestive disorders, which result in a decrease in the absorption of vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein, and increased fat and cholesterol. The dental implant can provide a solution to this problem.

Sensation of belonging

The implant transmits chewing forces to the bone as a natural root. This feeling of belonging is felt even better in patients previously fitted with removable prosthesis.


A dental implant is a permanent solution, no aging wear or deterioration has been highlighted on the implants in 1975.