Guarantees :
The realization of integrated dentures meets medical and technical criteria.
Thanks to :

The skills acquired over the years

The choose of the most reliable materials

To the selection of our partners prosthetists (all selectionned in Montpellier or France for certain particular prostheses)

We are able to, considering the low complication rate statistics on work, suggest today to all our patients the following safeguard.

  • Crowned and bridge PFM : 7 years warranty
  • Crowned and circonium bridge : 10 years warranty
  • Ceramic veneer : 7 years warranty
  • Inlay / Onlay Cerec:   8 years warranty
  • Inlay / Onlay yellow gold : 15 years warranty
  • Dental implant (hardware) : 15 years warranty
  • Ceramic crown on dental implant : 10 years warranty

What warranty includes ?
This warranty includes all mangement fees, for adjustment or dismantling, the production and installation of new prosthesis will be fully borne by our clinic.

Guarantees do not apply in the following cases :
If the patient does not follow the health recommendations that advised him

  1. If the patient can not justify to have been present at its annual meeting of health monitoring
  2. If the patient does not comply with post-operative recommendations
  3. If the patient realize conflicting schedules care to the initial project to another dental office.
  4. If the patient has suffered a sports accident or traffic, for example, in which the prothesis was able to receive a direct or indrect impact
  5. If the patient has a serious condition requiring heavy treatment with oral side effects (Neck radiotherapy, haart…)

Prices :
All acts not covered by the French Social Security is subject to a specific explanatory quote. All necessary explanations are offered by our administrative secretary, uncluding the assessment of the amount outstanding after reimbursement by your mutual.