Each appointment care is planned beforehand accurately

The duration of appointments planned, depends exclusively on the actions to be carried out.

The type of care achieved in this specified patient appointment and any information related to it (anesthesia, operating resultat)

Each type of act is codified by a specific color on our calendar

We have integrated in these treatments sequences technical hazard or medical which could delay the appointment.

Certain actions obey timing requirements such as surgery, for example, which is never carried out after 4 p.m

Emergency appointment :

In case of emergency, do not hesitate to call us

Every day is reserved a time slot for this emergency appointment in order not to encroach on the appointment already scheduled.

So, we manage optimal punctuality of our appointment.

Each appointment is remembered by SMS 24 hours to 48 hours before, and we ask you to confirm back your attendance.

Appointments health tracking :
Managed by our computer system and a reminder of cardboard your appointment, respecting the ethical rules of our profession, is sent to you 15 days before, in order to move the appropriate