All measures are implemented to prevent the risk of cross-contamination

No drawer is touched by the practitioner during a treatment session. When oblivion or the fall of an instrument occurs, access to storage is done through a motion sensor that opens and closes the drawer without contact.

The practitioner and the operative assistant systematically carry aseptic surgical gloves, change several times during long treatment sessions.

Each treatment room is free of traditional spittoon to avoid any risk of cross contamination linked to it.

During treatment sessions, we use a surgical suction very high  speed for perfect rinsing of the oral cavity via a sterilized cannula

All instruments are either sterilized and stored in a « white » area or disposable

Each operative procedure codified by a colo ris associated with a cassette for specific instruments to act, packed, dated, identified and sterilized, in an Autoclave classeB Melag 40 B, as well as a set of consumables.

Sterilized area, VISIBLE, includes two distinct area :

RED : contamined

BLUE : sterilized


Access to these areas and the operation switches are controlled by foot, still without manual contact.